Algorithms, black boxes and the retention of humanness in the digital age

Research into artificial Intelligence (AI) has morphed into many factions since it really got going in the 1970s. Perhaps the classical view of AI is that it mimics the cognitive functions of real-world problem-solving. That is, systems which think and even learn like humans over time. Therefore, we can evaluate AI systems based on howContinue reading “Algorithms, black boxes and the retention of humanness in the digital age”

Musings on identity – a social scientist’s perspective

When SPRITE+ originally put out a call for expert fellows linked to any aspects of the TIPS agenda, I filled in the form from my own perspective – a social scientist, focused on links between language, identity, and belonging. In my own research, identity is a “squishy” thing, constantly evolving, linked to the communities weContinue reading “Musings on identity – a social scientist’s perspective”