Stakeholder Meeting

On 14th December 2020, the Digital Technologies, Power and Control Challenge Working Group held a meeting with over 25 stakeholders interested in identifying challenges and good practice around working with marginalised communities. At the event, we discussed how marginalised voices are being heard (or are not being heard) and about ways to empower communities withContinue reading “Stakeholder Meeting”

Notes on the DTPC WG Workshop (I)

On 14th Dec 2020 the SPRITE+ Digital Technologies Power & Control (DTPC) held a workshop to hear the views of a rewardingly varied audience on the topics of our working group. No summary can capture the rich discussions that were held but, nevertheless, the following is an overview of some of the thoughts and notesContinue reading “Notes on the DTPC WG Workshop (I)”

So how do you define (Cyber) Security again?

For someone working in (broadly speaking) Cyber Security for a long time, gathering its different meanings and nuances was an interesting mission. Not too surprisingly, the definition of Security is only consensual to a limited degree. It should be noted that we reviewed this concept in the wider context of TIPS: Trust, Identity, Privacy, Security.Continue reading “So how do you define (Cyber) Security again?”