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A SPRITE+ funded research project which brings together a range of corporate, community and academic stakeholders to better understand how digital technologies configure societal interaction.

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Technology-assisted Courtroom Judgements: What do you think?

Two corporate DTPC participants have discussed the emergent relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and the courtroom. This blog will share and discuss these perspectives alongside selected literature.  AI can be defined as the capacity of a machine to imitate human behaviour (adapted from: Fiechuk 2019, p.139). As a rule, courtroom AI systems are designed around ‘narrowContinue reading “Technology-assisted Courtroom Judgements: What do you think?”

The Digital Technologies, Power and Control Project (DTPC): Our partnership with Cheylesmore Good Neighbours

Cheylesmore is a large suburb, south of Coventry. Yvonne and Alex Robinson co-lead the community group ‘Cheylesmore Good Neighbours: Retired Rewired’ (CGN). A range of older people belong to this group and they are keen to better use their personal digital devices to book holidays, watch videos, use WhatsApp or attend Zoom meetings, for example.Continue reading “The Digital Technologies, Power and Control Project (DTPC): Our partnership with Cheylesmore Good Neighbours”

Digital Technologies Power and Control (DTPC): Data Collection Phase

The DTPC research project, which sets out to investigate how digital technology configures user power and control, has now reached its data collection phase. Over recent months, DTPC researchers have developed strong partnerships with a diverse range of communities situated across the UK. Now that lockdown restrictions are easing, ethically approved, risk assessed, in-person focusContinue reading “Digital Technologies Power and Control (DTPC): Data Collection Phase”

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